Are you looking to transform your brand’s identity but have no idea where to start?

We can help you find your design aesthetic and present your brand in a way that showcases your style and speaks to your audience. Visual branding is so much more than just a logo. 

What can you expect to experience? Through a strategic 8-week process, we will craft a built-for-you brand identity that includes your logo variations, typography style, color palette, branded elements, and social and collateral templates. You'll be stocked with everything you need to launch your brand identity into the world!


Hopson Rae                 
with my new logo

Aurrie was able to put everything I wanted into reality. She went over and beyond, and exceed all my expectations.

- Owner, Jessica Schniper Interior Design


nailed it

We               working with Aurrie at Hopson Rae on our new branding and logo. 

She was really passionate about our project, and got just as excited as we did about all of our new colors, fonts, logos, and marketing plans! She made things FUN, and not stressful! We even had to navigate a pandemic, and changed our plans multiple times. Aurrie was right there with us and helped us create a new plan that was quarantine-safe when rolling out our new changes! Highly recommend Hopson Rae!!!

- Julie Sasse, Birmingham Mom Collective



Thirsty for More? 

Keep the celebration going by working with us to maintain the consistency of your brand graphics and visual deliverables. Together, we'll ensure that every design element continues to capture the essence of your brand's personality while reaching your target audience.

in a few thoughtful steps

crafting a brand Built-for-you



Dive into the essence of your brand, its values, and target audience through an in-depth, collaborative questionnaire.


file delivery

Time to pop the cork! You will receive finalized brand materials, including logos, brand guidelines, and collateral templates, for your use and to ensure consistent branding moving forward.



Drawing inspiration from various sources and your preferences, we will pull textures, patterns, typography, photo treatments, and color palette ideas.



Developing and refining visual concepts - which include your very own logo designs, color palettes, typography, and other vital brand elements, to bring your brand to life.


Review + Edits

Now it's your turn to review the proposed designs, gather feedback, and make any necessary revisions to ensure that the brand aligns perfectly with your vision.


BUILDING YOUR BRAND'S RECIPE is more than just a logo

We like to approach crafting your visual identity the way we approach crafting the perfect cocktail. Identify your guests, gather all the right ingredients, and craft specifically for their taste buds. From here, your brand's story helps to inform your brand's visual identity. 

What can you expect to experience? A deep dive into your brand's tone, voice, and detailed exploration of your target audience. From here, your brand's story helps to inform your brand's visual identity. 

let's start designing


You have the vision and are ready to expand your voice and your impact before diving into your brand design.

Brand Strategy

let's get started

Shake up your strategy


You've got your branding complete, and are ready to set and execute on some long-term goals. 

We take pleasure in devising distinctive and customized strategies for our clients, as opposed to simply providing them with pre-made plans. You have the vision, but now you need an action plan? Pull up a seat!

What can you expect to experience? Plans are crafted specifically to each client through a collaborative process, defining your business goals then preparing a plan that can be executed over the next 30, 60, 90 days to a full year.

let's get started

Marketing Strategy

"The whole brand started
with Hopson Rae."

I can’t thank her enough for pulling all of my ideas out of my head (it is harder than it sounds) and creating an amazing brand, with colors and all! She is the very BEST.

- Tiffany Houser, Owner, @totalibytiffany

"Hopson Rae was a
dream to work with!"

The team (Aurrie) was able to blend the values of my company, and it's purpose and intention for my clients, with my own unique personality and beliefs. The final design and package is stunning, and it couldn't be a more perfect.

- tabitha callo, Owner, The callo company

"We could not be more pleased with the outcome of our brand refresh."

- Allie Imaghodor, Founder, XVI

Aurrie did an excellent job of connecting with us to learn the goals of our non-profit and relayed that through our branding. She nailed every aspect of what we wanted within the first draft. It was refreshing to work with someone so professional and eager about the service she provided.

Client Toasts! 

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Ready to build
your brand?

We’re excited that you are here, and for what comes next. If our offerings resonated with you, then we are here to explore those next steps with you. So let’s pull up a set and grab a drink!