Are you looking to build or grow your business but have no idea where to start?

We can help you identify the essentials to a well-stocked strategy that’s realistic, actionable and impactful. Through an intensive discovery process, we will learn all about your business and your ideal client. Then, we will craft a plan with all the must-haves, the not-so-secret ingredients and the tools you’ll need to launch your brand in the marketplace. 

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Hopson Rae does                          across all things strategy, branding, and social media.

"They designed the most beautiful new branding for my business, which has resulted in my customers LOVING it and feeling more connected to my brand than ever. Highly recommend!"

 - Thomas Strider, Coffee Shop Nation

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Aurrie is                        than a brand manager. 

Once you work with her, she becomes an invaluable member of your organization and truly works to promote your business in every aspect possible. She is wonderful as a creative and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help creating or managing their company's brand.” 

- Angie Wood, Owner, Honeywood Valley

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Brand Strategy

Building your brand's recipe

We like to approach crafting your visual identity the way we approach crafting the perfect cocktail. Identify your guests, gather all the right ingredients and craft specifically for their taste buds.

What can you expect to experience? A deep dive into your brand's tone, voice, and detailed exploration of your target audience. From here, your brand's story helps to inform your brand's visual identity. 

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You have the vision and are ready to expand your voice and your impact.

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You are ready to set and execute on some long-term goals. 

We take pleasure in devising distinctive and customized strategies for our clients, as opposed to simply providing them with pre-made plans. You have the vision, but now you need an action plan? Pull up a seat!

What can you expect to experience? Plans are crafted specifically to each client through a collaborative process, defining your business goals then preparing a plan that can be executed over the next 30, 60, 90 days to a full year.

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Marketing Strategy

The Art of {Social}izing

How would your brand interact at a cocktail party? Our social media strategy and management services will help you introduce your brand, have conversations with your audience, connect with clients and create content that converts, all while speaking back to your overall business goals.

What can you expect to experience? Depending on the package you select, we could simply help keep you accountable, or execute most of it for you on an ongoing basis.

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You are ready to expand your social circle. You’re ready to invest in a social strategy, or you need ongoing social media strategy and maintenance. 

Social Media

Other ways we can serve you

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